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Jessica Bell Psychology is committed to providing each and every client a calm and nurturing space to discover and cultivate their most authentic self. 

Individual Therapy



Initial therapy sessions are designed to develop a rounded understanding of you as your unique self, assess your current wellbeing and functioning, and discuss your needs and goals. Together we tailor an approach that feels right for you.



Everyone has their own way of being in the world with their own strengths and challenges. I will work with you to maximise on your strengths whilst working closely to deeply understand and resolve points of concern.



When it comes to therapy, there is no one size that fits all. I am trained in many forms of therapy and will draw from these various therapeutic modalities to form personalised strategies and interventions to address your unique need and goals.

Holding Hands

Relationship Therapy



Relationship therapy holds each person’s experience and perspectives equally, creating space for each person to feel seen and heard without finger pointing and blaming.



Relationship therapy typically comprises three stages that partners and families move through as they build their abilities in recognising unhelpful patterns, deepening communication and strengthening their bond. This approach can also support clients who are looking to move in different directions in a respectful way.



Relationship therapy embraces and celebrates the diversity of human relationships and grounds in the importance of communication and connection to cultivate relationships that feel secure and stable over time


Not sure which service is right for you?

I offer complimentary consultations over the phone to answer your questions and discuss more in depth about how I may be able to support your therapeutic needs.

Fees and Rebates


A 50 minute session is charged at $220. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are offered a reduced rate of $95. A Mental Health Treatment Plan (MHTP) authorises a rebate of $92.90 for 10 sessions per calendar year for eligible clients. Alternatively, you may be eligible to claim through private health insurance.

Relationship and Family

An initial relationship or family session is 75 minutes or can be extended to 90 minutes. 60-75 minutes sessions are $240 and 90 minute sessions are $300Medicare rebates are not available for relationship therapy. Please check with your private health insurance agency to see if any private health cover is available. 

Please note the Austalian Psychological Society's recommended fee for a 50 minute session is $280. 


How long is a session?

Individual sessions are 50 minutes. Relationship sessions are 75 minutes or can be extended to 90 minutes.

Do I need a referral to see you?

No, you are able to access all psychological services without a referral. However you may choose to see your GP or other medical specialist for a referral to then be eligible for a Medicare rebate. Please be sure to book a long appointment with your GP in order to obtain referral. 

How often will I need to attend sessions?

For the greatest therapeutic benefits I recommend scheduling fortnightly sesisons at the beginning of treatment so that we can start to gain some traction and you can start to notice improvements as soon as possible. 

How many sessions will I need?

There are many factors that will influence how many sessions you will need to reach your goals including the types of goals you have, what improvement looks like for you, how long you have been experiencing certain difficulties and how much these difficulties have been impacting your life. A majority of change happens outside of the therapy room so readiness and willingness to implement change will also play a role in the length of treatment. 

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. Rescheduling or changing an appointment requires 48 hours notice to avoid a late cancellation fee. Sessions rescheduled of changes within 48 hours will be subject to the full session fee. On occasions where a late cancelled session can be filled at short notice, the late fee will be waived. Medicare rebates cannot be claimed for cancellation fees. 

Is parking available on-site?

Yes, there is free parking available at both practice locations and the building and facilities are accessible for all. 

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